The Book SO36

The SO36 club is an iconic music club on Oranienstrasse in Berlin - Kreuzberg, Germany. Just in time for SO36's 36th anniversary, a brand-new book - 240-page punk rock magnum opus - illuminates the history, present and future of the iconic club SO36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg through personal texts, stories, unpublished photos, interviews and even a complete gigography of the shows.

The SO36 in Berlin's Kreuzberg district is since 36 years a magical place for alternativ music , radical left politics, wild excesses and violent flash. A place for punks, hippies, Burner, hedonists , drag queens, transgenders, queers, Turks, Arabs, immigrants, homosexuals , heterosexuals and other luminaries . From punk concerts to techno or middle eastern music. Known also for it’s social – political activism SO36 is a symbol of a raging ¬Stadtteils - Squatters vs. Cops , neighborhood militia , solidarity actions , political struggle and for no-hierarchy teamwork at SO. A journey through the history of Germany subculture. This is the place, where i started to DJ in my first time ever. I wrote a text about how i started to DJ and my feelings about my 18-years dj-residency at the Gayhane-Homoriental party existing since 1998 and SO36 Club. Link:


Article: Tagesspiegel, 12.04.2016



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